VMware Cloud Virtual
Data Center
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Key Features

VMware Virtual Data Center gives you the ease of deployment with the components below:

Secured Network

You may segregate your network segment and connect to external network with VPN for better security.

NAT policy & Firewall rules

Secure your virtual machine with Firewall rules and customized NAT policies

Supports Variety of OS

IP ServerOne supports variety of operating systems to be deployed in VMware Cloud, ranging from Microsoft to Linux’s Redhat, Centos, Debian, Ubuntu.


Site availability,
replication and failover

   IP ServerOne data center extends its availability in several locations: Malaysia & Singapore.

   You may arrange your resources and applications and prepare for any mishaps with a primary and secondary site. 

   With customizable recovery point objective (RPO), you could reduce risk of data lost between primary & disaster recovery sites.

Access With Permission

   For authorized access, you may assign necessary permission according to your organization structure or assign exclusive permission to any vApp or VM. 

  Access may allow one to read, read and write or acquire full control. 


What’s included in the free trial package?

The real question is how much resources do you need? Let’s accommodate to your specifications!


Multi-region Deployment

With multiple data center scattered across Asia, your resources can reside in any of the 2 locations :

Our Malaysia CJ1 data center and operations are certified with ISO 27001, ISO 27017 and PCI-DSS Level 1

Why IPServerOne?

IP ServerOne Solutions Sdn Bhd is a Malaysian hosting provider with products ranging from cloud, dedicated server, co-location, domain and more. We have been a part of the tech industry for 17 years with a highly innovative team and supportive representatives to better cater and understand customers’ varied needs. IP ServerOne Solutions is officially recognized as cloud solutions provider with Cloud Verified Badge by VMware.

Want to give this a shot?

Explore VMware cloud with IP ServerOne and experiment the free trial environment to see its worth.  

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